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Don West Gaited-Trail Saddles and Tack

 DON WEST Paso-Pleasure Naturally Gaited Trail Horses 

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Don West a professional horseman; a breeder, trainer, teacher, author, and equine product designer. For the past thirty years he has specialized in training for trail riding Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, and naturally gaited horses. An internationally known and respected speaker/clinician, Don is an expert in saddle fit and design, and low impact trail riding and camping.  Not just a lecturer or teacher, Don thinks of himself more as an "equine success coach".  Don invites you to: "Come Ride With Me!"  at his home near Fruita, Colorado. Learn, hands-on, under Don's personal supervision, what he calls: "horse handling-horse sense", "sit-down equitation" and "synergistic-synchronistic riding".  "Saddle Up- Let's Ride!"   

Don's saying: "A comfortable horse is a happy horse, and a happy horse makes for a happy rider." describes his straight forward, no-nonsense, easy to understand approach to riding and training.  As Don says, "If you're a rider, you're a trainer!  Every time you touch your horse, you teach your horse.  Every time your rein your horse, you train your horse.  Your job, as a rider-trainer, isn't to make each horse the best, it's to make the best of each horse. Success with horses requires both tact and tack. In this human/equine partnership, you're horse is the brawn, and you're (supposed to be) the brains. For a safe and satisfying relationship, use finesse (correct touch and timing) instead of force, and patience and perseverance instead of pain and punishment. That way you can end up being the benevolent master, and have your horse be your willing servant and your friend."

Come on,
"SADDLE UP - LET'S RIDE!" with Don West


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